GSM Advertising


With mobiles getting accessible to almost every second human, the reach of GSM is gearing up thus, fast becoming effectual way of communication. Considering the tremendously popularity of mobile phones in Pakistan, businesses can no longer ignore the importance of GSM in business advertising, sales promotion, product launching and customer services.

Transactional SMS

Acquiring a new customer is far more expensive than retaining one, Transactional SMS allows you to deliver the important information to your customer. Appointment reminders, delivery status, or confirmation of the order Intellexal solution’s reliable SMS service is one to bank on.

GSM Interactive Game

No Smartphones? No worries

IVR Based Game that allows consumer to connect with the screen using their phones by calling on a defined number, regardless of the phone they are using.

Salesforce Automation

We introduced combination of SMS and your current Field Force system to enable efficiency and effectiveness. Communication with the field force with traditional system has limitations in communicating tasks and delivering reports. SMS messaging has flexible and impressive advantages that can be exploited by businesses. With SMS Field Force Automation you can stay connected with all your Field Force while they are working remotely and all of these will result in a seamless work flow and a well-structured field force reporting system.

Consumer Verification Application

Data Collection of consumer through activations has always been a problem, unverified data, manual recording and data entry and the privacy matters are few obstacles.

Consumer verification application that works both with and without internet and provides verification of the numbers on the spot through verification code and provides privacy by uploading data on our portal in real time, making the tracking easier and activations more effective.


It takes years of hard work to make your brand stand out and a counterfeiter is a threat to the legacy that a brand builds. So protect your product with Shield, an anti counterfeiting services that protects your brand as well as helps you to track your sales using a cost effective sms medium.

Mobile Top-Up

Are you running an engagement campaign with incentives? Why not provide the value instantly, by using Mobile Top Up service. Engage your customer and provide value in form of Mobile Top up or Mobile Airtime.


SMS Short code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the customers. Short codes are essentially a 4 digit number. These numbers ensures the highest throughput for any cross network messaging service. They depend on extremely high speed direct connectivity. An absolute must for sending out premium text messages.

Many companies use sms short codes to run their mobile marketing campaigns because they allow consumers to text back to any messages received. This facilitates customer interaction and two way communication, which builds relationships, customer loyalty and generates many opportunities for targeted mobile marketing.


New era where machines can communicate with humans through sms. Golive made it possible to communicate and send commands to machines and get the required output.

Ask your coffee machine to make coffee or your vending machine to drop a pack of chips, W all possible with our IoT Solutions.