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Beneficial Improvements In Google Analytic


Google Analytics is a free accessible facility by Google that has the ability to keep a record of the website traffic and reports. Google launched this facility back in November 2005 when they realized and sensed its major need. And now it is the widely used web analytic service worldwide. At the end of every… Read More

How Brands Are Using Instagram And Its Changing Algorithm


Brands are booming and thriving by utilizing the platform of Instagram most efficiently Instagram, a picture and video posting mobile application has arrested attention of some of the top-most brands across the globe. The reason why Instagram has become one of the most effective marketing tools is its popularity. Instagram has over 300 million active… Read More



The popular social media apps are taking the tech reach beyond the limits one could barely imagine with frequent changes demanded by the current need of partners and marketers. This being done keeping in view the activity track of apps and social platform users to help campaigns reach desired results and engage target audiences to… Read More

Google Performance Summit


Google summit was held on May 24th, 2016, headed by Senior VP of Ads and Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, in San Francisco, California. The purpose of the event was to discuss how mobile has revolutionized business and personal lives and how Google has redesigned its products to this revolution. The world revolves around the moments where… Read More

Latest In The Digital World


                    The social platforms have yet again adopted and introduced changes that have taken the tech world in new dimensions of their own. The app makers and social network owners have come up with variations to avoid the users getting bored. From simple interface modifications to… Read More

Gaming Solution In PAS Awards 2016


Pakistan Advertisers’ Society (PAS) entering its 6th year, PAS Awards 2016 was held on 30th April. This awarding ceremony has successfully established itself as one of the most reputable and eminent award program in the advertising and marketing industry of Pakistan. This event brings forth the most exciting marketing events of the year including all… Read More


youtube blog (2)

YouTube, which is a video surfing website has been banned in Pakistan since 2012; but today on 13th of Jan 2016, the Supreme Court of Pakistan claimed that the limited contents of YouTube are unblocked with local domain in Pakistan. However, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) still says that YouTube service is unavailable across the nation.… Read More

Useful Ideas to boost your Facebook Marketing campaign


              Statistically speaking, Facebook is the most populous of all social media channels. However, this saturation presents a great opportunity for marketers and brands to promote their offerings. Here are some of the ways in which you can take your Facebook marketing to the next level: Stalking Competition: As… Read More